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Confirm what UPROSPECT Lead Generation Master System Package you would like to invest in (Consultant, Team, Enterprise) review the details below the video and then make your investment in the system.

I have been told that this system could be sold for as much as $5,000 by 20 clients, colleagues and advisors, but since I'm launching this course for the first time, the first 50 students can get it for $999. These students can help shape the content for the course and will get a lot of personal attention from me over 12 weeks. After the first 50 people enroll in the system the price will be going up. I can't wait to work with you!"


Client Testimonials...Companies and people at Mass Mutual, 1406 Financial, Computer Associates, Evergreen Assurance, StorageTek, Sun Microsystems, AppLabs, Alliance Global Services, Razor Technology, Apigee, Jive Software, Anexinet, Source Meridian, Meetings Complete, Legal Science, MonQcle, Clutch, Mobile Measures and Blindspot Strategy.

Proven UPROSPECT Lead Generation Master System...You learn and execute a proven system that gets results that you will have for your entire life.

  • Assessment & Strategy
  • Simple CRM 
  • Digital CV
  • Campaign Messaging
  • Lead Generation Campaigns
  • 12 Weeks of Coaching
  • Office Hours, Training, Webinars
  • Online Community

Free Software...People have purchased the UPROSPECT Digital CV for $1,000 - $1,500.

For Business Owners, Sales Leaders and Consultants...The system will help you generate up to 500% more leads, meetings and opportunities.

For Full-Time Job Seekers...The course will help you get a better, higher paying, ideal job that is based on your passions and goals.

12 Weeks of Coaching...The course material will take only a few days to complete, but your course instructor Michael C. Bertoni will work with you for an additional 12 weeks to help you achieve your goals.

Direct Access to System Instructor...You will have direct access to Michael C. Bertoni for free on a weekly basis for 12 weeks during office hours. ($150/hr)

Assessment and Strategy...During the assessment and strategy you are able to quickly build a plan and compile the information necessary to help you reach your goals for prospecting and lead generation.

Free Simple CRM ...While performing Data Driven Account Segmentation you quickly build a database of clients, where you worked, warm network, key prospects (targets) and communities where your targets are. This database will be instrumental in helping you generate leads, meetings and opportunities.

Free UPROSPECT Digital CV...The UPROSPECT Digital CV is an online digital business card, with analytics, that differentiates you from everyone else and helps you generate leads, meetings and opportunities for your business and helps you get a better, higher paying job.

Free UPROSPECT Community...You will have access to an online community of students as well as Michael C. Bertoni to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Free UPROSPECT Webinars and Trainings...You will have access to webinars and trainings that Michael C. Bertoni does on a weekly basis.

Free UPROSPECT Software...My vision to build the material from this course into a stand alone software platform for prospecting and lead generation. All students that take this course will get Free UPROSPECT software for life.