UPROSPECT is an online actionable course for Prospecting and Lead Generation that includes an expert lead generation process, free software and 12 weeks of coaching to help you generate up to 500% more leads, meetings and opportunities for your business or get a better full-time job. It was developed by course instructor, Michael C. Bertoni, Founder & CEO of UPROSPECT (Connect with him on LinkedIn).



Michael is your course instructor and it's his vision to help 1 million people in the next 7 years with prospecting, lead generation and getting a better job.

Michael is the Founder & CEO of UPROSPECT and PhillyTech. He has over 20 years of experience developing an expert process and software for prospecting and lead generation. He's one of the top experts in the world in Business to Business (B2B) lead generation, recruiting and software development for software and hi-tech companies. He's among the top 1% most connected on LinkedIn with over 16,000 1st connections. He started PhillyTech in 2015, where he's experienced 1,000% year over year growth. Before starting PhillyTech he worked in senior sales, business development and leadership positions at leading software and technology services companies including Computer Associates (CA), Oracle, Apigee, Jive Software, AppLabs, Alliance Global Services, Razor Technology and Anexinet.



Everyone who would consider themselves in sales or marketing.

Everyone who sells any type of product or service.

Everyone who considers themself an entrepreneur.

Everyone who is a consultant or contractor.

Everyone who wants to get a better job.


Heidi Grunwald | Temple University - Academia.edu

"Michael has done more for our company in 6 months than what we were able to do in 6 years."

- Heidi Grunwald, Co-Founder, Legal Science

GTI Travel History | GTI Travel

"Without Michael we would not have been able to sell Meetings Complete. We were amazed how quickly he was able to get meetings and help us close business."

- Mike Kabo, CEO, Meetings Complete

Mike Hoey
"Michael helped my business get over a major hurdle and immediately brought me high quality leads. As a result we closed new, long term business."
- Michael Hoey, Founder, Source Meridian




  1. Course Instructor Michael C. Bertoni is a 20+ year expert in prospecting and lead generation and will work with you for 3 months (12 weeks) to make sure you are reaching your goals.
  2. Money Back Guarantee if you aren't satisfied with the course.
  3. Generate up to 500% more leads for your business or side hustle and increase your income after you generate more leads.
  4. Get a better job that is an ideal fit for your experience.
  5. Free UPROSPECT Digital CV - sharable digital content for prospecting and lead gen.
  6. Free UPROSPECT Simple CRM Database where you will capture clients, where you worked, warm network, key targets and communities of interest.
  7. Free UPROSPECT Community - you will have free access to our online community of students as well as Michael Bertoni.
  8. Free UPROSPECT Office Hours - you will have free weekly access to Michael C. Bertoni (hourly rate is typically $150/hr)  
  9. Free UPROSPECT Webinars - you will have free access to weekly and bi-weekly webinars conducted by Michael C. Bertoni.
  10. Free UPROSPECT Software - you will get free UPROSPECT software for life when it's launched into production.


The UPROSPECT Actionable Course Outline is broken down into five main areas that each have 5-7 modules. Michael's goals were to make the course extremely easy to consume and actionable so you can immediately start using it to generate leads for your business or get a better full-time job.

  1. Assessment and Strategy - Michael takes you through an assessment and strategy framework he's developed for your business and / or personal situation that gets you focused on your goals for prospecting and lead generation.
    • Developing a Mindset
    • What are your Products and Services? (what do you do)
    • Who are your Customers? (where did you work)
    • What's your Value Proposition?
    • What are your social and community channels?
  2. Data Driven Account Segmentation - Michael works with you to build a simple CRM database of your clients, where you worked in the past, warm network, key targets and communities of interest.
    • Building UPROSPECT Simple CRM
    • Filling in Customer Data
    • Filling in Warm Network Data
    • Filling in Prospect Data
    • Filling in Communities of Interest Data
  3. Digital Content Development
    • Quickly Building a UPROSPECT Digital CV
    • Sending us Data to Build UPROSPECT Digital CV
  4. Campaign Messaging Development 
    • Campaign Messaging Framework
    • Campaign Examples (4)
    • Building Campaign Messaging
  5. Lead Generation Campaigns
    • Block your Calendar
    • Setting Goals for Touch-points
    • Social Sharing
    • Email
    • Community Sharing
    • Multi-Touch

The course should only take a few days to a week to complete and then you will continue in the course for 12 additional weeks. During these 12 weeks, Michael will be your personal coach and help you reach your goals for leads, meetings, opportunities and getting a better, full-time job.

UPROSPECT Digital CV _ Michael Bertoni _ Founder-CEO

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UPROSPECT™ is being developed by the team at PhillyTech and led by Founder & CEO, Michael C. Bertoni. Michael has over 20 years of experience in sales and lead generation and is extremely passionate about helping you succeed.


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