Digital Business Card _ Michael Bertoni _ Founder-CEO _ UPROSPECT
Michael Bertoni Overview


Michael C. Bertoni has 24 years of experience developing a proven process and software for prospecting and lead generation. He's been told by his clients that he's the best they have ever worked with to generate leads, meetings and opportunities. As a result he's making it his mission to help millions of people with UPROSPECT and is launching the UPROSPECT Lead Generation Master System in April 2020.

His vision is to build the first $1B dollar market cap software and services company in the Philadelphia region and help millions of people generate leads, meetings and opportunities as well as create hundreds of jobs.

"If you can see it you can achieve it" - Mike

Team: UPROSECT has a team size of 15 people.

Address: Bond Collective Co-Working Space - 1617 John F Kennedy Blvd, 20th floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103


Phone: 215.817.3295

UPROSPECT Clients (past and present)

SALES: Equitable/AXA, Mass Mutual, 1406 Financial, First Guaranty Mortgage, Philadelphia Insurance, Ricoh, Dollar Financial Group, Computer Associates, Evergreen Assurance, StorageTek, Sun Microsystems, AppLabs, Alliance Global Services, Razor Technology, Apigee, Jive Software, Anexinet, Source Meridian, Meetings Complete, Legal Science, MonQcle, Clutch, Mobile Measures and Blindspot Strategy.

RECRUITING & ENGINEERING: Ricoh, Dollar Financial Group, Astarte Medical, HealthVerity, Coredial, GSI Health, VisitDays, Frontline, Clutch, Buyside, Ciright,, Source Digital, Mobile Measures, Smarter Agent,, Meetings Complete, 9Dots, Ziotag, Energage, Typography, Medullan, DiscoverOrg, Seraphim Software, Cloudmine, Bstow, Instamour, Virtual PT, PainQX, Yellowdig, Nucleus, JustStuck, SEI Investments, TMNS. 

Background Highlights

  • Grew up most of his life in NJ until moving to Philadelphia in 2004.
  • Maryland Eastern Shore (MD/DE) HS Football Player of the Year.
  • Played in the BIG 33 as one of the top football players in MD.
  • Full Athletic Scholarship to the College of William and Mary
  • 1st Team All Yankee Conference Performer (Linebacker/Defensive End)
  • Competed in Ironman Louisville in 2009 (has done 50+ Triathlons)

Work History

Michael was always a top sales leader and executive throughout his entire career and has been focused in the areas of financial services, software and technology.

  • Equitable-AXA and Mass Mutual 
  • Computer Associates (CA)
  • StorageTek (Sun Microsystems)
  • AppLabs
  • Alliance Global Services
  • Razor Technology
  • Apigee
  • Jive Software
  • Anexinet
  • PhillyTech (Current, Founder & CEO)
  • UPROSPECT (Current, Founder & CEO)


Ever since Michael started working at Equitable / AXA in 1997 he has been developing strategies for prospecting and lead generation. 

Michael has been developing and improving a process and building software to generate leads for 24 years. He can confidently say that he's the best person in the world to help you with prospecting, lead generation and sales because his clients have told him this hundreds of times. The most common things clients say is, "how do you do this so fast???"

His goal was to always get a great qualified lead and always felt that the lead was the most important thing. Michael thought, "If you could scale up getting qualified leads it would be impossible not to be successful." Along his career he built best practices for inside sales / lead generation for two companies and scaled teams to over 30 people.

In 2015 when Michael started PhillyTech, he turned his prospecting and lead generation processes into a lead generation service and recruiting service. In 2016, he envisioned a software product called UPROSPECT that would help generate leads and has been using UPROSPECT for over five years to generate leads for PhillyTech and his clients.